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riches they could pillage and rape for can be read up on in a strange little book titled A History of Secret Societies.   OM is not letting the Dark exist, just as OM is not letting the Light exist. All of this is the original cause to our own present day warlike behaviors. (An interesting aside to all of this, is that no where in all of the writings and artifacts from them do we find them claiming creation of our soul, just our bodies). . So just maybe, back in those days the food-stuff was pure; then when they set off the nuclear storm to remove all traces of their advanced technology, the radiation played havoc that did not affect us, being half earth-humans. We still have the remnants of what our caregivers, culture and society spoon fed us with, as being what God. As history has it, the Anunnaki themselves were very tall beings, in the 7 to 15 foot height rang.

Cut stones that are, were used as foundations for the spaceports measuring hundreds of feet by hundreds of feet and weighting in the hundred of thousands of tons, could not have been made but by the hands of Advanced Beings. Welcome TO: Gnosis of Life as a Soul in a Rented Human-Suit. These were the chosen ones that went on to become the Kings of Middle East as well as the Pharaohs in Egypt. Actually we just need to run an anti-virus program that we already have at hand; the virtue needs to replace the ego-sin for all the right reasons; mostly as we will need to be Aware of what. There will be: infertility as the main event, both human and agriculture; drought bringing about some diseases; some seismic activities and maybe a rise in sea levels or splits in the land mass. Bergoglio, know that Maria, Marah, Rea, Insoberta, Cibeles, Sophia, Paula, Aka, Asarte, etc., etc., are divine representations which the civilizations of the past had in order to designate the Inner Divine Mother that each creature carries within and.

For the sceptics, supposedly as I dont remember being there, then either, but as reincarnation goes I most likely was, as were you) happened: v  Anu sends his two sons (Enki the nice guy that was behind our creation engineering. As is known from the animal worlds biology and that of all basic cellular organisms they compete to survive in the dog eat dog world, of the stronger one wins and thus survives. Bergoglio, it must be accompanied by righteous feelings, righteous thoughts and a righteous behavior. Then, they're gonna open up her sweet, pink pussy. When a response is used over and over it becomes quicker when the stimulus is presented, due to the fact that we have honed the neuro-pathway from our mind-thought to the brain-data bank storage area where the reply has been filed. The short of it is that the poles and zones all shift throughout various stages, timelines and actually flip which creates earth having reversed its poles throughout the timeline it has existed; more than once. As full of pride as we are, someone would have claimed to have made them and make sure it was well known all around the known world. Sure everyone wants to live in paradise all the time, but then there would be no growth, we would conceivably become bored and seek adventure. When we become knowledgeable of Maurice Cotterells data on the Sun and its true influence over the earths magnetic fields and cyclic geophysical changes, we can easily understand how a civilization can simply disappear; albeit in the case.

Of course, she deserved to be punished and Rick chose himself as a weapon of revenge. Bergoglio, your Church turned away from all these things from the very moment in which it made a pact with the Emperor Constantine to become a religion of the Roman Empire and, since then all those not communed with the. A professional, even with one simple visit can give us a lot of help and guidance to help us understand or at least deal correctly with the big picture at hand. Money making and skullduggery. Question is do we really want to know? So here we are, today at the point of knowing some of the things that we did not know that we did not know; with what are we going to do about it? In our lifetime, but our grandchildren could be part of it all. Will we chose to be all that we can be and thereby make our soul-spirit stronger and more conscious of itself and what is here and now; for our next adventure either here or out in the big Cosmos?

Like all stories, if we only have one side of the situation and are missing some of the facts, then we can easily and erroneously arrive at the wrong conclusion. However, when he brings in the evidence we have of yeti-snowman-bigfoot-sasquatch we can easily see how evolution to that physiological stage is quite possible to provide a natural transition. They were around some 35,000 years ago, while the average timeline for structural or physiological changes take 250,000 to 1,000,000 years. V  Eventually they started with the marrying of daughter so fair and created what we have come to know of in Egyptian and Greek history as demi-gods. They realize that needs engender wants and misfortune. . Planet X or the 12 Planet) and as astronauts looking for some minerals, two brothers and a sister came with about 300 others that we can easily called advanced beings.

That is the city in Mesopotamia that preceded Babylon in the south of modern day Iraq-Iran, just east of the Sinai area. The part that is earth was mostly water filled and the tectonic plates moved around to form an elliptic, not circular, ball that we call earth. The Pyramids themselves which were built as guide posts seen in outer space were emptied of their technology of crystals used for navigation beams; albeit some contend there is still technology to be found buried beneath them. Yeti in China, Snowman in Tibet, Sasquash in Canada, Big Foot in USA. Religion and Science: Again! Free from needs, all that they have and receiveC even the smallest, simplest itemsC become marvelous gifts; and life, regardless of how much is left to them, remains in a permanent state of [email protected] (p. Choose one of the various egos-sins on your list and note the opposite virtue.

These mentors throughout our human history have always had the same message, regardless of the time they were here, what area they were in or what group they belonged. It helps to keep them in the drivers seat as our brain gets muddled, and then worst the dam organized religions are not talking straight about it, so we just give up and fall into our default of baser wants. The challenge that we all face at some point in the multiple lives that we have had, have and will have on earth in the human-suit we have put on for a short season, is, if we can overcome. But what if what they started out to teach did in fact end up with some hidden agenda, thereby teaching us something in the way of truth as to how they perceived it, but did not contain. If you are the type of person to frighten easily, or that has chosen not to want to know what really happened in our human history, then you will not appreciate the information we would like to share with you. We first had both the Greek myths of half-human half-gods (Anunnaki and gods are interchangeable words that would clearly denote the Anu-Human first born. That set the shivers within and made a lot of doubts come to life that we mostly just repressed so that we did not have to face our fear.

Are we really too afraid to gnosis the truth, or are we just so busy with our socio-economic situation and the toys we have, want and desires yet to be fulfilled that we dont look into any. We could talk about the environmental stuff and the problems that are surrounding mother earth, be it climate changes or genetically modified foods. They were persecuted, they were condemned to the bonfire, they were mutilated, they were tortured, they were imprisoned, etc., etc., etc. Sure, ET Gang LLG can play with our biology; sure, they can make like they are gods to some of us living closer to our baser desires and wants; but the bottom line is they cannot control our souls growth. For those that have studied it, we will in fact become fully Aware of just how much we are becoming Conscious of the Totality of Primary Energy or OM which is the spark we all have inside. Narcissism in itself could be a religion, if the narcissists every believed that the mass of narcissists believe in exactly what they do; over exaggerated self. Unfortunately as humans we have taken on this as to how we should and thus do live our own lives. And what moves they are!

Egoic manifestations are from our mind-biology mix and are not really something that we consciously chose to be as, to externalize as our personality. Yet most researchers and science minded truth seekers will admit that the technology is just too fantastic for the ape-man humans that are relatively young (in humanoid state somewhere around 30,000 years and in Biblical stuff, about. Just as the energy is pure etheric or air like at its highest vibrations; at its lowest vibrations we see it as solid objects. V  There space crafts and weapons were of an advanced technology that we have still not even come close to attaining. All this maintained as an intimate, particular and individual work during years You speak of a Church of prayer to reach all the outskirts of our world. In order for a prayer to have its effect,.

The wars that are going on in most present day locals have more to do with some faction of one the original Anunnaki siblings and their bloodline, versus another sibling and their bloodline; then it has. Down the Rabbit Hole Dimitri Loukas Painter ufo greatest story ever denied - Google Video 2008-06 Metaphysics of the Dark side, or the Fluxion duality This is an expos? on trying to explain in metaphysical terms. So the saying do unto others as you do unto yourself really does hold water. Our higher self will in essence start to become our guide and help, teach and encourage us to do what we instinctively know is right, but have not really had a chance to work on making it so in our day-to-day lives. It is at home or better put with OM that we should have received the education for dealing with all the turmoil we now (2008-2009) are facing and which will only get weirder. Simply put, once we attain an understanding of the fluxion process as being the source-original energy in perpetual motion and expansion, seeking consciousness of itself as being the creator of what we can call Love; then anything.

Had offspring with them that. It is as if, we never allowed our children to experience anything for themselves, even some of the harder tougher stuff; telling them they are not ready to do so and thus stunting their growth. The real fight over the middle-east area (not withstanding the energy supplies in the Iraq-Iran area coveted by the USA) is one of biblical proportion, not of sacredness but of the secretiveness of what really happened and was there. IF anything, at least the following read will help us better understand ourselves and why, what is going on around us is happening as. Hence, being free from needs, there are no anxieties or worries. . Cordially, THE international gnostic community NOW lets TRY OUR OWN style OF blog OF which much OF MY writings have been SO FAR. We need and therefore must discern things we are to do, keep and hold as values, beliefs, morals; all the while judging if they are effective in being beneficial for the whole, which we know is equal to the sum of its parts. We will be freeing our Soul trapped within the Super-Ego. If the gods said to go out and war, then we went out and fought.

We will be communicating from a better point of view wherein it is calm and goodwill that is acting, replacing frustrations and upset re-actions. These two DVDs were done over a few years to show and contrast various changes; all of which was filmed in Imax for some of the most outstanding footage you will ever see; not to mention things, area. Like little gremlins they just like to jump around, make us smile or laugh and cause havoc that leads to chaos in our lives. The first time some stimulus set off the response that became your pattern with the ego in question up until now. Today's news videos, lET 'EM OFF, iRA killers should get amnesty to end witch hunt, ex-defence chief demands. Why human-animal, because as we can all plainly see all around us and around the world, we act more from our baser biological nature of fearfight or flight and eat or be eatenthe strongest survives, then from.

Worst is when the agenda comes from a group or gang that is normally not acknowledged in our day to day life; like a consensus reality that states such a group does not exist. Bergoglio, the prayer has a great power as long as the person praying, has faith in his prayer. Just maybe knowing will in fact make the fear dissipate. He broke into her house and hid himself under the staircase and when she went downstairs Daniel jumped out of his ambush and threatened her with a shout. (F3)   Their intercoursing with humans, first creating a dynasty of Pharaohs as half breeds, then of Kings as the ascendants of the half-breeds; as well as being the gods so well known from Greek mythology, but which is more truth and reality than fiction. Once done, we can move onto doing the same process with each of the egos-sins that we all carry around inside in a varying degree or another. It talks of gods with science thrown in, albeit at that time we were still hunter gathers and had no written language. SO what IS stopping US from RE-connecting? Conclusion: Sure there are strange things happening all around us and about our history that reads more as something really mythological than do the myths that are suppose to be myths. His analysis will give you an understanding of what is behind the The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Marijuana has for a long time known not to be the danger the system labeled it with and surprisingly even cocaine and heroin are not as bad as alcohol. The Anunnaki only allowed the parts of DNA to become active based upon their needs, with/from. But what about all the dark stuff that is happening? Remember that we are not all alike, so some will have more issues with gluttony while others will be lust, and others anger etc etc. Plural as there are as many minds within as there are egos, each ego seeking at some point to be in control, or what we call the drivers seat. Any scientist in the western world caught supporting or talking about what the mainstream calls fringe elements are quickly cut off and thrown out of the community.

( Okay the insider part if you dont want to watch is that 144,000 is the real speed of light; ergo those with light shinning as in a halo about their heads will move on up; and, 666.   The more we quite the mind, the deeper within ourselves we can see and thus the easier it is to see the truth for ourselves without the ego filtering the information and making it be what it wants it. Where would we be without science? What we learn from Maurice Cotterell and his Sun Science (that nasa is finally agreeing with) is that most of our challenges in the biological as well as ecological sense come from the Sun (and the other planets. P hilosophy: All the various osophies help us to meditate through our matrix of life. So what really was left out of history that would have made such a big difference to us in the here and now? Before 2004 Link to Older Writings This site is a member of WebRing. In Christianity this Holy Spirit was symbolized, as we all know, by a white dove. Heck he was the intercessor between the humans and his god.e. Regardless of the word anyone may use, be it etc, we are all pretty much cognizant that there is likely something that is or has created us from above-beyond us; but what is still on the menu-du-jour. Planet Earth will survive. As most of these responses where formed in our younger years, we say that they have become conditioned responses as we have used them over and over depending on various situations we encounter. IF WE DID NOT study something, then we have to take anothers word for. Intro trailer compilation then we can really do something about changes that will better ourselves and give us that happiness we are all looking for.

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