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when confronted with bad news. The search warrant thoughtfully omits the names of the men who used Nicis service, but it provides plenty of details about the women who allegedly worked for her. As a kid, Nici enjoyed the privileged lifestyle of a small-town California girl. The last time she set him up with an escort was in mid-2008, she said. Nici turned Bella Models into the escort equivalent of an assembly line, a mass-production operation that churned out more girls at lower cost. There is no suggestion Mr Rourke has any connection with the allegations against Braun. I was close with Mark, and I couldnt believe he would do that to me, says Nici now. When he dumped her, she took a job working the door at the Century Club, where a manager offered her extra money to find pretty girls to sit at the tables with the big spenders. In fact, the amount that was leaked later was that he had paid over 80,000 in companions since he was appointed Attorney General and later the governor of New York.

Specifically, she had just woken up, discussed her rates openly, checked her IM, and more or less made me feel very uncomfortable. Spitzer was busted as Client 9 of the Emperors Club. Her primary skill involved the computer her father, an electrical engineer, taught her to build one for a school project. We went in the ocean with our clothes on! She had a horrible attitude, and her performance was the worst of anyone I have seen through you. You know, a normal guy couldnt meet a Playmate or a porn star, or get them to go out on a date with him. You don't have a girl thinking he is going to leave his wife for her and they will fall in love and have a fairy tale relationship.". So, while its pretty freaking likely these women are escorts, its not like we hired a private detective here to confirm. Tipped off by one of her clients, they were looking for millions in cash he claimed to have sent her through FedEx. Sheen gave her a 20,000 check for the girls, and she picked them up several hours later.

She could no longer hold onto a large stable of girls there were now hundreds of escort agencies online, most of them offering the same models and porn stars that she did. Los Angeles, Nici had a few famous clients, a nice house and a doting husband. An agent asked her. My ego couldnt take. Everyone wants to be the boss. All we know for sure is that she is loved as much for her personality, wit, and charm as she is for her sensual acumen in the bedroom. Nothing came of the visit, but the feds werent done with Nici: Last October, they showed up again, this time with a warrant to search her property. They have prearranged dates that will even take them out of the bedroom and into the A-List party scene. She studied the art of being a higher priced companion, so she could make the most money in the shortest amount of time and deal with the more upscale clientele.

It was Whats the best way I can do this, practically? The leg on them is the size of my calf. There are simply too many naked girls on the Internet who are willing to be ogled for next to nothing, and Websites that will offer them up for free. The clients Nici introduces are well-matched: The men known as hobbyists are looking for no-strings-attached relationships, and the women are trying to finance a lifestyle largely independent of men. Braun this week agreed to a plea deal that means she will escape jail. On October 16th of last year, after Tarpinsky paid 4,500 to book a Playboy cover model and a m model for one hour at a Boca Raton resort, the FBI raided Nicis house. The fees dwarfed those of Fleiss, whose girls made up to 7,000 a night.

MaSheen embroidered over the pocket. As far as the details go -I mean, I never wanted to know. He also said she had paid 22,000 to have her German shepherd trained to attack anyone the dog didnt know. While sex for money is illegal, paid introductions between adults who may independently decide to engage in intercourse upon meeting is not. The orderlies at the rehab center would let him out for his frequent medical appointments. Uzan explained what he wanted: a harem waiting for him at the hotel every week. According to Nici, one of the agents picked up a pair of her girlfriends jeans and a small bag of cocaine fell out. It is as though her brain cannot reconcile the two worlds she inhabits. 'Let's just say you'd be shocked said Marc Nurik. Rumor has it shes around 2,000/night.

Yagalla had told them that he had sent Nici millions of dollars through the mail to start an adult-video company. They were all named Mohammed, and they were all princes, but you didnt know how far up they ranked. From the beginningof the Internet, I was obsessed with communicating over the Web, she says. After school, she worked at a gym and a tanning salon, hanging out in the apple fields at night to drink beer with her friends. Prominent athletes, TV stars and. Nici began charging 10,000 per night for her top girls, plus a 5,000 fee for membership on her Website, NicisGirls. The kids scream, opening the towels to reveal sopping-wet shorts. Pretty woman: The blonde madam, pictured with actor Mickey Rourke, revealed her clients include well known celebrities and public figures. After he went into court-ordered rehab, she continued to book girls for him, furtively sending them to a doctors office in Los Angeles owned by a friend of Sheens. She disavows any comparison to madams like Heidi Fleiss.

He would request the college-cutie, girls-next-door look." Two her employees were Holly Sampson and Jamie Jungers, both women who reportedly had an affair with Woods. Even feature strip-club tours, once a sure route to extra cash for porn stars and Playmates with a moderate following, have gone ovit of vogue, with prettier civilian girls signing up to work at strip clubs in higher numbers. I thought of myself as semiretired, but Id still get upset whenever I heard about someone making inroads into my game, Nici says. She cut her membership fee in half to 2,500 and began to book more than 100 women for as little as 1,500 an hour. 3, loredana Jolie: 2,000/Night, loredana is another of Tiger Woods companions. She looks like she comes from a wealthy background, and actually may, but nobody knows for certain. Michelles lawyer, Marc Nurik, told reporters inquiring after their identities. As the stories go, the competition is fierce between escorts and you cant go anywhere without seeing the lovely ladies of the night hawking their wares in hotel lobbies, marinas, clubs and restaurants.

Bella Models forwarded the e-mail to Taryn, with a note: Please read what he has said and take what he is saying into consideration, as it is the fans that keep your career going and without them you would not be a star. In May 2002, as Nici was throwing a birthday party for her older daughter, with 60 guests and miniature horses at her 8,ooo-square-foot mansion, the FBI appeared at her door. Next Page, like this post? If you needed more evidence, Michelle Braun, a Las Vegas woman who ran an a escort service, has come forward with claims that Tiger Woods was a client of hers. I think Im here because you know what I do, Nici replied and asked for a lawyer. She also lowered her standards  any porn star would do and she even recruited off her Website, touting benefits like flexible hours and fabulous pay, making an additional 100,000 or more in a year, feeling like a Princess. Eager to get into the club, the women would ditch their boyfriends without a thought. (Bentleys boyfriend was later murdered while trying to sell some of the jewelry she received from Yagalla.) Within a year of meeting Nici, Yagal las hedge fund began to fail, and he bilked investors of 32 million.

One of her alleged clients, Michael Fanghella, the CEO of a California mortgage-brokerage firm, spent 14 million in gifts on Kelly Jaye before landing in prison for 10 years for defrauding his investors. As the story goes, Ava was the victim of one of those very sad stories where her father got ill and had no health insurance. Its like the Indianapolis 500 of hookerdom. But other escort services werent the only ones following Nici. What do you do for a living? According to prosecutors she quickly filled the void left by Fleiss when she was jailed for offences relating to her prostitution ring in 1997. The FBI trapped Braun after she agreed to fly a girl from Los Angeles to New York to meet a client who was an undercover agent. Look, youre talking about a guy who lives in Podunk, Ohio, and makes millions of dollars a year running a freaking coal-mining company and, for fun, he gets to go golfing in the Bahamas with his friends wives. "It's supposed to be discreet says Braun.

Michelles clients have not been named but they are some of the biggest names in Hollywood and Wall Street. He just wanted to know theyd be there whenever he wanted. We were always worried about the government killing our business, says Rob Spallone, producer of such delights. "When you pay it's established that it's a business relationship. I was so worried about what would happen to her if I got in trouble. They burst into the room, wrapped in towels decorated with the Twister logo. Nici learned quickly that there were guys who would pay almost anything. She has to like you, insisting on meeting her patrons in person first.

Loredana claims she was only paid 15,000 at one time from all of the men she was with, whatever that means. 10, cannes Film Festival Favorites: 40,000/Night. Hourly rates in the business range from 150 for a Motel 6 prostitute, to 350 for in-call at casinos in Las Vegas, to 600 for child prostitutes, to 1,000 for elite, membership-only escorts. He lost his career over it, while she gained a new one being featured in Playboy and other mens magazines. Americas streets may be freer than ever of prostitutes, but thats because the hookers have gone where all business has gone: the Internet.

His heart surgery was going to cost more than they could afford. The mother-of-two has admitted running a vice ring supplying the most expensive call girls in the world to celebrities, business chiefs and well known public figures. They were able to arrest her for the federal offence of transporting a woman across state lines for sex. AT home just outside fort Lauderdale, Nici who now prefers to use her given name, Michelle shoos her dogs off her white couch as the ABC Family channel blares from the. Once a year, escorts from all parts of the south of France, Spain, and Italy flock to the 10-14 day period surrounding the Cannes Film Festival. It was Nici who managed to stake out the most lucrative corner in the new online trade. Named as running the most expensive escort service, she told the magazine: 'All I do is make the introductions between famous girls and rich guys who want to meet them.'.

Blue posts her travel schedule for advanced bookings. Girls Next Door enjoy nowhere near the pop-culture stature of previous Playmates like Jenny McCarthy and Pamela Anderson. Its late in the afternoon, and Kellener has taken her daughters for a dip in the Atlantic, which is spread out behind the living rooms sliding-glass doors. Ashley Dupre aka Kristen: 4,300/Night, you might be familiar with Governor Eliot Spitzers little affair with a woman named, Kristen? It was her boasts two years ago in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that were Braun's downfall. Her arrest sent a wave of panic across Hollywood as agents seized her computers and phone records. Popular actresses have seen their fees plunge by a third, to 1,000 per scene. She picks up a blindingly white pillow, pounds it into shape, then blinks for at least 10 seconds. Talk of her success quickly began to spread most notably the tale of her trip to the kings palace in Jordan with two girls, where she was picked up in a bulletproof stretch Escalade and partied in the royal disco.

They threw a flash bomb inside and stormed into her bedroom with members of a local swat team toting machine guns while she was in bed naked. She has just returned from Tommy Lees house in Calabasas, California, where she spent the weekend lying by the pool and watching movies in his home theater. When he claimed to be worried that the girl would ask for more money once she arrived, Mona assured him that her girls charged a fixed rate. I would rock her and book clients on the phone, and I would cry. Beauty, women who represented the gold standard in the world of international escorting: models for. The Richest and while I found it wildly entertaining, I cant vouch for its authenticity. Nici even claims she once spoke with a teenage Paris Hilton, who offered to meet any client who paid 10,000 a night. Lets just say youd be shocked. (There is even Internet shorthand for the phenomenon: PSE, or porn-star escort.) There is no real money to be made anymore by naked girls willing to show the world their nakedness, no matter how hot they are.

Her long blond hair is swept up into a gigantic bun, and her lilac-painted toenails match her purple sweatsuit. It was a wake-up call that you cant trust anyone. Nici remembers finding Uzan in the presidential suite at the hotel, watching a soccer game. Nici has been depressed for a few months, but shes tunneling her way out. Ironically, we ended up flooding the market and killed it ourselves. That, she says, is when I realized this was a business. As a companionable young mother, she found she could win the trust of the girls they felt she was a friend who wouldnt run off with their money.

Sounds like an unusual investment club, or is it the layaway plan? The girls were thrilled: It was like a paid vacation, says Angelica, a porn star who shared a room with a Playmate in an Istanbul hotel that looked like a castle. MIchelle Braun says she used to supply Tiger Woods with call girls. She never took an assistant, and she didnt confess her secret to anybody from her real life, like the couples she would meet for lobster dinners at the country club in Bakersfield on weekends: To explain why she was always. The court hearing is in October. THE SEX business HAS changed dramatically in the past decade, and no change has been bigger than the obliteration of the social taboo against escorting. The great news for the others is the lowest pay during the festivities is around 4,000 a night, which still makes for a pretty tidy bank account. When Nici dropped four girls off at his pent house, she found the actor in silk pajamas with. The Worlds Biggest Ganghang. News, Braun says that Tiger was a big spender, and had a certain of girl he liked.

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I became a complete social phobic. He was like, Jordans neutral, dont worry.' Nici soon began to branch out from her usual clients. Natalie McLennan: 2,000/hour, for a good 5 years, Natalie was known as the Numero Uno escort of New York City. Nici did not accept such treason lightly. But as the business grew, Nici got increasingly fed up with all the day-to-day hassles. To drum up business in Dubai, she paid modeling agents a flat fee to represent their girls, then sent their photos to her clients assistants, who got a cut for hiring her instead of another service.

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I felt for them, but I didnt want to be everyones therapist all the time. Zahia might be more of a sugar-baby who prefers the attention of one or two rich admirers rather than a nightly freelancer. For Playmates and porn stars, theres only one way left to supplement their income: meeting fans in private settings. In April 2006, an FBI agent using the name George Tarpinsky paid the 2,500 retainer to join Bel la Models. The identities of Braun's clients have not been revealed but her lawyer said they include big names. She named it Bella Models, a dig against a madam in London named Bella with whom she had fallen out. The first flight to Istanbul was around.m. Id started to get frustrated with the girls, she says. She says that Woods would spend around 30,000 to 40,000 a weekend while in Vegas. Her Jewish parents owned a Baskin-Robbins franchise in Bakersfield, an oil and agriculture town, and showered her with gifts, like a purple Chevy truck that sported pink flames along its sides and the license plate yoosexy.

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