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Our consultants are skilled Organizational Psychologists with sound knowledge and experience in the fields of Leadership and Management, Human Resources and Business Strategy and Processes. We work with organizations and individuals helping them achieve higher standards and goals.

Change Management

We believe that constant change, improvement and innovation in managing organizations are a must nowadays. Only those companies and teams that are ready to innovate and apply new ways of work can succeed and sustainably achieve higher goals. We believe that the change should come from the people and it should be carefully designed according to the specific organization. Copying and pasting other organizations’ ways of doing things might help for some situations, but it rarely engages team members for a sustainable change.

At Adrio we work with the management and whole organizations for finding the right way to improve the processes that leads to the desired results.

Professional Coaching

We provide individual and group professional coaching for managers and professionals who aim higher and are ready to learn new skills, to develop themselves personally and professionally and to go an extra mile for their organizations and their own careers. Our consultants are flexible and use different methodologies according to the client’s specific situation and needs. The first consultation is always free of charge and aims to clarify what is the problem that needs to be addressed.

Employer Branding and Recruitment Process Improvement

At Adrio we believe that the external image is built from the inside. We help our clients achieve better results in recruitment attracting the best people to their teams. The image of the company on the labour market depends mainly on the internal image and the attitude that their current people have. That is why we pay special attention to the ways of communication of corporate identity inside as well as outside. The internal image of the company together with the shared sense of belonging directly affect team engagement. That is an engine for accomplishment of high results.

Companies often have clear vision and mission obvious for the senior management, but hidden, or misunderstood by their employees. We help our clients to make their mission shared, understood and achievable for all the people in the company, regardless of their level. Effective communication of strategic goals through appropriate channels inside and outside the company is a necessary step for achieving them.